Designs from Antiquity—Our Signature is Authentic, Unique, and Handcrafted Jewelry.

Gypsy Jonana was inspired by my love of travel, fascinating cultures, and beautiful handmade jewelry.

On a lovely trip to Turkey, I discovered a line of unique and inspiring jewelry—a collection of ancient Greek, Egyptian, African and Turkish designs—originating from both the Ottoman and Egyptian empires.

I felt honored to meet the Turkish artisans who carefully handcraft each silver plated piece using techniques learned from an ancient lineage of jewelry makers. I learned their designs come from the original molds that have been passed down from each generation to the next.

When I returned home with my wares, I was thrilled to discover how others were as excited about my jewelry as I was. People were offering to buy the jewelry I was wearing, and they wanted to buy more. This was the beginning of Gypsy Jonana.

These versatile pieces of jewelry are unpolished, giving them a distinctly organic look and feel. Our jewelry line does not contain nickel or lead and does not tarnish.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help.